Sirius XM look on 3.4.20196

I recently upgraded from 3.0.19205 to 3.4.20196 without any problems on my 2019 Expedition. I did customization with AsBuilt codes - again no issues.

Here’s my question. On my son’s 2020 Expedition, his Sirius XM display looks different (he is running 3.4.20136.) For example, the preset buttons display logos, his screen displays album art, and he has the < channel > channel browsing controls at the top of the screen. I did not update my APIM firmware. What must I do to get the same Sirius display as is on my son’s Expedition?


I also have this issue, I have a 2020 Transit Connect, came with 3.3, but updated through the owner site to 20136. Ford has just released a video about SiriusXM with a 2020 Escape running presumably either 19274 or 20136. I do not have the channel arrows, I don’t have album art, the new SiriusXM tuner look, the channel menu, or the Tuning keypad screen.
This is the new look:


This is not an issue, rather it is functionality offered by 2020+ vehicles not available on older vehicles. It involves upgrading the ACM which I know @F150Chief has some knowledge on, but this isnt an ‘issue’ as such.

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Unless you have a 2020 APIM and ACM, you will not be able to do this. there is a thraed that discusses this here.

Thanks for everyone’s input. After learning that getting this functionality requires replacement of the ACM and APIM I am inclined to leave well enough alone.

Stay safe and healthy . . . . . . Thanks again!

Well, I have a 2020 Ford Transit Connect, so it must be another issue. How can I tell if I have a 2020 apim or not?

Run the APIM Interrogator Utility and look and the xml file it creates. Open the xml in your browser.

There will be an APIM part number, look at the first digit, as in the example below, K=2019, L=2020.

<d2p1:DID didFormat=“ASCII” didType=“ECU Delivery Assembly Number” didValue=“F113” responseLength=“24”>

This looks like a difficult process, can I get it through the diagnostic menu on sync?

It’s 5 minutes to copy a file to usb with an autoinstall file?


wait a few days, Syn3 Updater 2.0 has this built in

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it is however the Assembly Part Number on the APIM Part Numbers section of the Diagnostic Menu

I went through the diagnostic themes on my vehicle, the default options name was ford-MY20. Does this mean it’s a 2020 apim?

no thats just the name of the theme

So which part number is it? The first one on top?

as i stated… see my post above

My vehicles assembly part number says that it has 4U5T-14G371-CJA.

The APIM number is a 2018-2019 production. This is not a 2020 APIM but is installed in a 2020 vehicle.

Well, thanks for the help. I hope ford finds a way to add these redesigned features with an older 2019 apim.

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