SiriusXM Album Art/Logos in 3.4.20282

I think the rep may have been referring to Sync 4, not the present version. He is correct about the processor time. I’ll mount up the 20282 image and take a look later once I get my linux vm reloaded.

Well, I needed support with sync 3, not sync 4. All of the pictures that I’ve seen on sirius on sync 4 have album art. Sync 4 gets its album covers through online, I think, since it now defaults to online sat radio when possible.

For Sync 4 this is correct if you configure it in this way. By default it will favor sat radio, but it will load the logos by wireless (LTE, etc.). Sync 3 does not have this capability. There is no network available to the APIM natively in the vehicle. (The FordPass network is completely independent.)

On Sync 3, SiriusXM will load some logos as required for ‘special’ channels such as Christmas seasonal channels, etc., but does not actively download the channel catalog. This is a restriction of bandwidth on the satellite channels. When you send a refresh to the radio via the SiriusXM website, you can get some logos refreshed, but this is really hit and miss. Seems to work better for the NAV equipped systems due to more memory.

I think you heard the guy right but maybe his information was not totally correct. Anyways, I’ll try to take a look in the image and see if the logos are still present.

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I think you’re talking about the channel logos, I’m talking about album art. Album art is the images paired with a song that is a single, or an album. Anyways, do you have any idea if album art will come to 2019 and later apims/acms for siriusxm?

You’re right. Sorry about that. Album art is supplied by Gracenotes, except for SiriusXM, which transmits that actively. This is dependent on the ACM decoding and displaying the info. This is separate from the version builds for Sync.

EDIT: The STATION LOGOS are still in the Sync 3.4.20282. There is no ALBUM ART contained in the build, not that I could find.

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I am aware 2019 and earlier acms cannot decode the album art. Will there be a software update that might enable the acm to have the capability or for gracenote to do what the acm can’t do? Gracenote maybe not, since Gracenote might be dependent on the album name, and siriusxm does not transmit that data.

I split this out of the other thread as not to take up space there…

This would be a firmware update for the ACM to decode the information and forward it to the APIM via the dedicated SDL (Satellite Data Link) network.

SiriusXM transmits the metadata for each song embedded in the audio data stream, it’s just that the older FORD APIM’s cannot read it, because they only get Sirius, not the XM data stream. Some of the other vehicle manufacturer’s systems work and display the data correctly. The newer APIM’s (Late 2019 and up) can read the “XM” stream. Depending on the firmware in the ACM and APIM, that data is displayed. That’s the theory…in practice it is less than reliable.

It’s too bad that SiriusXM can’t leverage the Gracenotes capability in the APIM, as that would solve most of this, providing that the song metadata is received.

Basiclly the status of the artwork and station logos is the same as it was in the previous thread:
Sirius XM look on 3.4.20196 - Ford / Sync 3 - CyanLabs Official Community

And how could we do the firmware update for the ACM? My vehicle was manufactured on December of 2019. It should have the capability to read the data. I assume the data stream has something to do with the beep sound when you add a song/artist alert that SiriusXM broadcasts to your radio. Also, does or will Ford have any plans to use gracenote for older vehicles?

The firmware update for the ACM can be done in FORScan.

Gracenotes is used for usb audio sources, but not radio sources. I am not aware they will change this.

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