Sync 3.4.23188 - Feedback & Issues

Please speak English, this is an English community, use Google translate if needed.

All clear, the solution with the GPS and the Ambilight is: after the update, do a hard reset, close the car and wait 10 minutes. Then start it and everything works. ( Smax 2.0 Biturbo ) 2020

Hey there, just updated from 3.0.20204, map F6 to latest version 3.4.23188, map F12. Region Europe.
I have a Ford C-MAX 2015, everything runs perfectly fine
Thx for the update and the tool!

Hi everyone, if I install the latest update with Cyanlabs’ Syn3 updater will my “Vignale” logo remain? Thank you

EU - Release: Sync 3.4.23188 - Map Version: F12 (2022) - EU (05 2022) (Updated Voice)

In my case it has a bug like 3.4.23088, the emergency call contacts disappear and you have to select them again. Does anyone else happen to you?

Maybe, depends, if it doesn’t use forscan to recover

Updated my Focus (MY20) from 3.4.22200 to 3.4.23188.
So far everything looks and works the way it should be.

Maps are still F8 but this weekend I have a long trip planned so I’ll update the maps to F12.
I heard you can use the usb in the center console so I’ll connect the externe SSD there.

Either usb should work