Tutorial: Removal of Gracenotes

This utility will remove Gracenotes from your Sync system and release the memory used. This is useful if you have installed Sync 3.4 (which is a larger install vs Sync 3.2 and 3.3) and wish to make changes to your Sync system and the upgrade or downgrade will not run or stalls.

If you have run the APIM Interrogator Utility to determine the specifics of your particular Sync unit installed in your vehicle and found there is less than 1.5 GB of free space, you will probably need to delete Gracenotes to upgrade or downgrade your Sync unit.

Read this document fully before starting any actions. It is your responsibility to follow the instructions as outlined below.

All the files needed can be found at Software Database - CyanLabs.


  1. Please note that if you are using the Syn3 Updater it already includes this utility in the downgrade process.
  2. The Syn3 Updater can be used to create a Gracenotes Removal USB in the Tools section.

Download GB5T-14G386-SC_85041.tar.gz Gracenotes removal tool. The file can be found in the APIM IVSU Database link below.

This installation will be run identically to an app or voice file install. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Create a USB drive (format as EXFAT) with a SyncMyRide folder.

  2. Copy the utility file downloaded above into the SyncMyRide folder.

  3. In the root of the USB is the autoinstall.lst and DONTINDX.MSA files which you can obtain from any upgrade you previously performed.

  4. You will need to edit the autoinstall.lst file so it looks like the example below.

     Item1 = GB5T-14G386-SC_85041.tar.gz
     Open1 = SyncMyRide\GB5T-14G386-SC_85041.tar.gz
     Options = Autoinstall
  5. Insert USB in vehicle and wait for the installation to complete. You should see a message indicating completion.

  6. Remove the USB drive.

You can run the APIM Interrogator Utility to determine how much storage was freed or continue to upgrade or downgrade your Sync unit.